Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Response to British Savages

Mr. Franklin,
I must say that I completely agree with everything you presented. What an incredibly powerful opening line! Only men and women with clear consciences and analytical minds can fully understand this matter. It is remarkable that any great Indian society does not have any prisons or officers to compel obedience. A society solely based on trust and faith is simply miraculous. Not one Western country is anything like an Indian homeland. What an honorable group of individuals. Simply admirable.
In addition, I found the juxtaposition between the British House of Commons versus an Indian council to be extremely inspiring. These so called "savages" are selfless, kind-hearted people. They genuinely care for the well being of others.
I was amazed in the case of the Swedish minister attempting to convert the Indians. A good Christian tolerates all other faiths and does not degrade another man's religion. It is a common ethical code. It is unbelievable that the so called "savages" follow this code, while Westerners and "civilized" people do not.
In other words, I am simply shocked upon your findings and hope to see evidence in the future.

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